Destination Kenya

Safari destination, Kenya offers the ultimate and unforgettable experience of true Africa adventure. Value for money, unrivalled diversity is the magic ingredients that keep the discerning traveller from the world all over keep coming back to Kenya year after year. Marvel at Kenya’s stunning wilderness that meets the Indian Ocean along the pristine silver sands and warm tropical waters, teeming with marine life and spectacular coral reefs. The beautiful country tells its story of contrasting landscapes, treasured wildlife including the Big Five - all within close proximity enough to squeeze to one trip.

But there is much more to this East African Country, south of the country is the Amboseli, a nature photographer’s dream, where spectacular game is captured against the backdrop of the magnificent outline of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Masai Mara Game Reserve and the immortalised yesteryears tales of the early safari traveller’s tale annex the Serengeti. Famous for the dramatic masses of herds of herbivores Great Wildebeest Migration occurring in the Mara between September and October. Masai Mara the birding enthusiast’s paradise with over 500 recorded bird’s species.

Beside the famous National parks such as Tsavo and Nakuru, Kenya has everything else that the African continent has to offer. Nature’s gift to the world, for after all there are few places where you can combine relaxation on exotic beaches, vibrant culture, tropical rain forests, and parched deserts to snow capped mountain peaks. In addition to these meet the friendly Kenyan with the African hospitality.

Other popular safari destinations for safari tours include Laikipia, Mount Kenya, and Lake Naivasha, Samburu, Meru and Nairobi capping it with a beach holiday at the idyllic Lamu or Diani .The huge range of products for people looking for experiential travel enhanced by the insider access to the attraction and experts.


  • Masai Mara
    Masai Mara 
    Masai Mara has been listed as the one of the best game reserves in the world. The picturesque African landscape that displays an amazing natural beauty found nowhere else on earth. Kenya, home to the world-famous Maasai Mara game Reserve, the northern extension of the Serengeti plains of Tanzania- the Mara –Serengeti ecosystem. 
  • Great Rift Valley
    Great Rift Valley
    The Great Rift Valley is a trench that stretching from the Afar Triple Junction. The Rift Valley enters Kenya from Lake Turkana in the north and has many unique geographical features, including the Elgeyo escarpment and the Suguta Valley, the extinct volcanoes Mount Longonot and the Menegai Crater and Mount Suswa etc. The East Africa Rift Valley is also home to a numerous lakes such as the Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru....
  • Kenya Coast
    Kenya Coast
    Kenya’s Indian Ocean Coast is a whole new world, the history and cultural traditions, golf as well as water sports to be experienced and enjoyed at the easy –paced along the south and north coast and the Lamu Archipelagos plus the other exotic pristine islands. Home to some of the world’s finest beaches made up of miles of white powdery sand boarding the Indian Ocean.
  • Laikipia
    Laikipia is a vast plateau that stretches from the second highest snow-capped mountain in Africa that straddles the equator, Mt Kenya to the rim of the East African Great Rift Valley and the enthralling escarpment drops into the Northern Frontier District. This fabulous region is often described as the gateway to the Wild Northern frontier country of Kenya.
  • Mathews Range
    Mathews Range
    The Mathews or Mathews Range are also known as the Lenkiyio Hills. The range of mountains is characterized by several mountain peaks and are found in the Laikipia District of the Rift Valley in northern Kenya. The Mathews is one of the most impressive geographical features in the country. 
  • Samburu and Shaba
    Samburu and Shaba
    This is starkly beautiful expansive rangeland that is found at the northern foot of Mount Kenya. The arid and semi arid wilderness sits in a divide between the populous agricultural highlands of Mt. Kenya and the vast Lowlands of the northern frontier inhabited by nomadic pastoralist communities in which livestock and wildlife coexist.
  • Mountain region
    Mountain region
    Ascent to the summit in the high hill country a paradise for the adventurous –this is the high hill land above the capital city of Kenya Nairobi. A country of mountain peaks, spectacular water fall and remote alpine moors that provide a unique and breathtaking African landscape. This is chief Arabica coffee growing area
  • Amboseli and Chyulu
    Amboseli and Chyulu
    Amboseli National Park is Mt. Kilimanjaro’s royal court and home to Leopard, cheetah, wild dog, buffalo, rhino elephant, giraffe and many more. Amboseli National park offers an exhilarating game watching experience against the stunning backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and world’s highest free standing mountain capped by snow capped peaks.
  • Tsavo National Park
    Tsavo National Park
    Tsavo is an essentially authentic African Experience both Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks forms one of the largest national parks in the world covering four per cent of Kenya’s total land area. Tsavo, which straddles the Mombasa – Nairobi Road and Railway resulting in two national parks the Tsavo West National Park and Tsavo East National Park this wilderness rarely sees visitors.
  • Nairobi
    Nairobi the capital city of Kenya home of the Safari and a green city sun in the sun and it is both the commercial and government capital. This famous safari capital of Africa dates back to the long gone days of “Big game hunters “of the 19th Century and still is traditional starting point for African safaris. Nairobi is a modern city unlike Mombasa city at the East African Indian Ocean coast dating from the 14th Century.



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