Camel Safari

The camel also known as the ship of the desert is perfectly adapted and widely used throughout the arid Northern Kenya. Camels are usually used for carrying camping equipment and supplies rather than riding, and are ideal as back up on a trek through the African bushy wilderness.

Many camel safaris use vehicle back up to set up camp ahead of your arrival at a pre-arranged spot. Camels with saddles are usually also supplied for those who want to ride.

On this trekking expedition you will be accompanied by the local guides who use their indigenous knowledge to scout the dramatic wilderness for wild game flora and fauna accompanied by the camel train. A rare lifetime experience walking through the bush with only the sounds of the wild and the chiming of the camel bells as you travel at a relaxed pace.

The adventure walking safaris in and around the scenic Matthews range and Ndoto Mountain Ranges in Northern Kenya. The starkly beautiful pristine country is home to the Samburu and Rendille nomadic people, who still maintain and practice their customs traditional lifestyle despite the influence of the global village.

Fly camping is adventurous way to explore this wonderful terrain. The early ranchers would ride for days with their cattle in search of pasture. Today the discerning traveller wants to experience nature, the stunning scenery and out of the ordinary experience. Back to the basic sitting around a roaring camp fire at night star gazing as enjoying the scent and sound of an African starry sky.  

A camel safari on a private ranch in the Laikipia plateau is usually walking with camels with the option of riding them. Laikipia is part of the Ewaso ecosystem, a region of high wildlife population next to the Masai Mara. View a wide variety of game, walking up to elephants are a very exciting way of seeing them.

This optional activity should be requested at the time of reservation at an additional cost

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Suggested Itineraries

  • Serenely Relaxation Escapade Safari
    Serenely Relaxation Escapade Safari
    Serenely Relaxation Escapade Safari is a dream come true an intangible experience as you transverse this dreamy safari country – Kenya’s pristine Loisaba. set on the edge of a sheer escarpment experiences views out over the Laikipia Plateau towards the majestic Mount Kenya. Loisaba bestrides the border of Laikipia and Kenya’s rugged Northern Frontier District and a few miles from the equator.
  • Adventure and Relaxation Safari
    Adventure and Relaxation Safari
    Adventure and Relaxation Safari an exclusive itinerary that allows for you up close experience with African wildlife in Kenya, with the option to Lake Victoria.
    Arrival at JKIA Kenya’s you will be transferred to one of the most famous hotel - and of course the oldest - The Norfolk a calm oasis in the city. The Norfolk has served those passing through on business, or at the start or end of a Kenyan safari adventure.
  • Luxury Wilderness Safari
    Luxury Wilderness Safari
    Luxury Wilderness Safari for the discerning Traveller with a mission to discover more in the heartbeat of Africa large carnivores and huge herbivores. In 2 AD Ptolemy, the Greek philosopher wrote about of the mysterious lands to the south of Somali that contained Man eating barbarians and Great snow capped mountain.
  • Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience
    Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience
    Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience that starts with a City Tour of the 'place of cool water' Nairobi in Maasai language - the Capital City with a chance of adopting an orphan baby elephant at the Animal Orphange in Nairobi National Park or at the David Sheldrick Orphanagage. Escape the city to the complete wilderness of the famous conservationist Joy and George Adamsons –Meru.


  • Lewa safari Camp
    Lewa Safari Camp
    Lewa safari camp is set on the 45,000 acre privately owned Lewa wildlife Conservancy and is also known as Lewa Downs, which lies on the northern foothills of Mount Kenya. The camp is set on one of Kenya’s original ranches, Lewa Downs has been the Craig family home since 1924.
  • Lewa Wilderness
    Lewa Wilderness
    Wilderness Trails lodge is one of Kenya's oldest private safari experiences and for forty years guests have been coming to this remarkable region to be part of an adventure like no other. Sitting below Africa's second highest Mt.Kenya Lewa’s plains and valleys are full of some of the most endangered animals on the globe and the sanctuary is delighted to be part of their survival.
  • Ekorian’s Mugie Camp
    Ekorian’s Mugie Camp
    Ekorian’s Mugie Camp (named after the Olive tree in the Turkana language) is found on the Mugie Ranch which has is 46,000 acres but 22,000 acres has been set aside to create Mugie Sanctuary. Mugie Sanctuary near Mugie Dam is located at the northern end of the Laikipia Plateau near Mount Kenya where opportunities for wildlife viewing and bird watching are abundant.

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