Walking Safari

Tuzurusafaris walking tours for the energetic type who value authentic experience different landscapes, treasured wildlife, sights, scents and sounds of Africa. You want to see more, use your feet push your boundaries yet enjoy a carefully managed and luxurious safari program.

The tours are not congested and the guides set the path but the people are free to discover and explore on their own. Travel broadens the mind while walking and trekking widens the soul and immeasurably enriches the experience.

Imagine the experience of walking through the stunning endless African wilderness, see and learn more as you stroll - rather than drive.

Set your own pace allows you time to explore the scenic lands while soak up the unique magical atmosphere. Observe and appreciate the details. Spot the wild game. Stop to take in the sounds and smells or drink in a captivating view. Very popular with children as it offers an unique memorable experience.

Walking safari are famous for bringing you the ultimate bush experience and at the same time we protect and the respect wilderness entrusted to us for posterity. So that the future generation may also enjoy it. Our walking safari usually involves walking about ten kilometres and a maximum of fifteen Kilometres per day because the tours will be specifically crafted for your booked group and the exact route can be customized to suit your ability. The walks are perfect for families – even those with young children (minimum age just 4 years).

Talk to our experts. With a tailored itinerary, you’ll step off the beaten track and discover and explore. Experience Kenya a truly beautiful country endowed with magnificent topography. It tells a story of contrasting landscape treasured wildlife, all year sunshine and hospitable people. So step up, and we’ll create you an unforgettable holiday

This optional activity should be requested at the time of reservation at an additional cost

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Suggested Itineraries

  • Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience
    Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience
    Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience that starts with a City Tour of the 'place of cool water' Nairobi in Maasai language - the Capital City with a chance of adopting an orphan baby elephant at the Animal Orphange in Nairobi National Park or at the David Sheldrick Orphanagage. Escape the city to the complete wilderness of the famous conservationist Joy and George Adamsons –Meru.
  • Grand Kenya Luxury Safari
    Grand Kenya Luxury Safari
    Grand Kenya Luxury Safari is a comfortable adventurous African bush and beach safari that offers you a chance to explore the wilderness by foot, on horseback or by jeep. Relaxe on the stunning sun kissed tropical beaches and the whispering palms. This safari combines the finest that Kenya has to offer. Experience the thrill of feeding the giraffe with your finger and more exciting experiential tours in Nairobi the city in the sun
  • Adventure and Relaxation Safari
    Adventure and Relaxation Safari
    Adventure and Relaxation Safari an exclusive itinerary that allows for you up close experience with African wildlife in Kenya, with the option to Lake Victoria.
    Arrival at JKIA Kenya’s you will be transferred to one of the most famous hotel - and of course the oldest - The Norfolk a calm oasis in the city. The Norfolk has served those passing through on business, or at the start or end of a Kenyan safari adventure.
  • Discover Kenya Safari
    Discover Kenya Safari                                   
    Kenya a land of contrast and this safari is as enchanting as the African continents explore our homeland the original home of the African safari. Indeed a safari is a quintessential Bucket list  experience for most travelers. In addition to this the majority of safari - goers who are celebrating something...
  • Africa Luxury Odyssey Safari
    Africa Luxury Odyssey Safari
    Africa Luxury Odyssey Safari an adventurous journey wanderings in the African jungle that pulls all the stops and delivering a spectacularly crafted luxury safari experience. Explore the extensive world- famous wild game trails including relaxing in superb small tented camps after grueling game drive in the wilderness. Tour the modern city of Nairobi and discover the Kenyan history and culture.
  • Iconic Africa Family Safari
    Iconic Africa Family Safari
    Iconic Africa Family Safari experience the unusual and lifetime most memorable and exciting encounters for the parents as you watch your child fondly stroking a baby elephant or feed a towering giraffe by hand, watching a satiated lions yawn after a hearty meal, spotted cat - first leopard, acquire indigenous wisdom - making fire, rafting along a scenic river, catching your first rainbow trout...


  • Governors' Camps
    Governors' Camps
    Governors' Camps in the Masai Mara Kenya are found in the iconic and world’s best known game reserve the Masai Mara National Game Reserve. The national park is famous for the vanishing kaleidoscope of richness of time - honoured traditional African customs with their preserved traditions and cultures its ethnic people. 
  • Mara Plains Camp
    Mara Plains Camp
    Mara Plains Camp situated on the northern border of the Masai Mara Game Reserve in the Olare Orok Conservancy the heart of some of the greatest predator country of Africa. Mara plains here the big five roam in this African jungle, the lion roaring nearby, while leopards are regularly found to wandering through the camp and cheetahs have established territories on the savannah.
  • Cottar's 1920 Safari Camp
    Cottar's 1920 Safari Camp
    The Cottar Safari camp historical yet adventurous and can only be found in Kenya the original home of authentic African safari. Continuously has delivered unrivalled ultimate safari experience to discerning travellers. Offering luxury and quality set in the heart of African wilderness with professional guiding adventure and elegance.
  • Elephant Pepper Camp
    Elephant Pepper Camp
    Elephant Pepper Camp is a seasonal camp found in the middle of a wilderness situated in a secluded area within the Mara North Conservancy. Experience the sounds of the African night around a camp fire. Game drives which continue into the till dusk make game viewing a complete thrill.
  • Lewa Wilderness
    Lewa Wilderness
    Wilderness Trails lodge is one of Kenya's oldest private safari experiences and for forty years guests have been coming to this remarkable region to be part of an adventure like no other. Sitting below Africa's second highest Mt.Kenya Lewa’s plains and valleys are full of some of the most endangered animals on the globe and the sanctuary is delighted to be part of their survival.
  • Lewa safari Camp
    Lewa Safari Camp
    Lewa safari camp is set on the 45,000 acre privately owned Lewa wildlife Conservancy and is also known as Lewa Downs, which lies on the northern foothills of Mount Kenya. The camp is set on one of Kenya’s original ranches, Lewa Downs has been the Craig family home since 1924.
  • Sasaab Camp - Samburu, Kenya
    Sasaab Camp - Samburu, Kenya
    Sasaab Lodge found on the Ngutuk Ongiron Group Ranch in the West Gate community in Northern Kenya, African wilderness dry and beauty. Succeeding habitat depart from the lush slopes of Africa’s second highest peaks Mt. Kenya after Kilimanjaro to the desert and semi-desert of Kenya's Northern Frontier District.

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