Balloon Safari

Hot air balloon flight over the picturesque beauty of Maasai Mara the animal kingdom at a bird's eye view is a most unforgettable experience. A gentle rise to the heights above the treetops, the soothing whispering breeze, and the panoramic view of wildlife drama makes the sights, scents and sounds of Africa.

 Awesome nature's theater of survival for the fittest the predator's searching for a meal verses the prey in earnest self preservation is continuously enacted in the African wilderness.

The Masai Mara Balloon Safari Experience

Rise with the sun for your most experiential adventure of a lifetime tracking the big five and the great game herds aloft in the skies. Your safari experience starts with the traditional morning wakeup call "Tea or Coffee" followed by the aroma of freshly brewed hot tea and coffee. The soothing hot liquid and the caffeine quickly set you alert after the sound sleep in the African night to the start of one the most memorable lifetime experience. Your journey from the lodge/camp takes you to a clearing where the hot air balloon takes off site in the Masai Mara. A mass of multi colored material ripple and bounce in the morning breeze. As you draw near the balloon looks gigantic and bigger than you imagined, the exhilarating experience is certainly new, just about to have an amazing trip.

Up up up and way......Take off takes place at dawn, allowing guests to catch the first rays of the sun as it raises over the magical landscapes and watch the animal stir in their habitat. The captain invites you to relax and experience the wonders under the African sky. Finally you let go as you settle above the treetops, an inner peace and a smile that radiates one's face is beyond explanation.

The wildebeest congregates on the Mara across the Masai Mara plains, the exquisiteness of the landscape as the rising sun's rays kiss the earth beautiful bright orange colors are displayed, as the you ushers a new day. The elephants at the water pool, and the gazelles and zebras run away, from the unidentified flying object.

Settled on board and shooting photos from all angles in the hot balloon, and its touch down time. Jubilation and one would almost hear the echoes of exclamation of triumph in celebrations. A toast! And champagne is served, as hot bush breakfast is under way. With a feeling of beyond believe nearly pinching oneself to arise from dream.
A champion and a certificate a testimonial to testify I have been to Africa the floated a top the African wilderness.

Dressing code: wear practical clothes, preferably cotton, and a sweater to protect you against windy flights (a times). Comfortable safari shoes are required. Sunglasses and camera are a must to catch the action for keepsake memories.

This optional activity should be requested at the time of reservation at an additional cost

Sample itinerary

Day 1: arrival Nairobi  Day 2: Nairobi excursion  Day 3/4/5: drive to Amboseli. Game viewing.  Day 6/7/8: Laikipia  Day 9/10/11: Masai Mara – Balloon safari. Game viewing.  Day 12: home bound flight via Nairobi.

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Suggested Itineraries

  • Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience
    Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience
    Kenya Ultimate Safari Experience that starts with a City Tour of the 'place of cool water' Nairobi in Maasai language - the Capital City with a chance of adopting an orphan baby elephant at the Animal Orphange in Nairobi National Park or at the David Sheldrick Orphanagage. Escape the city to the complete wilderness of the famous conservationist Joy and George Adamsons –Meru.
  • Grand Kenya Luxury Safari
    Grand Kenya Luxury Safari
    Grand Kenya Luxury Safari is a comfortable adventurous African bush and beach safari that offers you a chance to explore the wilderness by foot, on horseback or by jeep. Relaxe on the stunning sun kissed tropical beaches and the whispering palms. This safari combines the finest that Kenya has to offer. Experience the thrill of feeding the giraffe with your finger and more exciting experiential tours in Nairobi the city in the sun
  • African Safari and Beach Holiday at Lamu Island
    African Safari and Beach Holiday at Lamu Island   
    Synonymous with safari, Africa still has no equal in viewing game. Wild at heart is the pristine African wilderness filled with wild game where you will experience a unique combination of adventure,relaxation,recreation and wellness. Africa, the continent of Hemingways and Karen Blixen, flat topped acacia sailing in a sea of golden wine coloured grass, purple hills on the horizons, elephants trooping in a queue across the
  • Family Wildlife Safari featuring Nairobi excursions
    Family Wildlife Safari featuring Nairobi excursions
    Experience the thrill of getting up close to exotic birds and wild animals in their spectacular natural environment that makes an exhilarating and deeply memorable vacation. Explore the country and meet the naturally friendly people. Child-friendly form of adventure travel and the nature wildlife spotting means that everyone in the family enjoys.
  • Laikipia Shaba Masai Mara Honeymoon
    Laikipia Shaba Masai Mara Honeymoon
    Masai Mara Laikipia Shaba honeymoon is a journey to magical regions where nature is unspoiled and starkly African wilderness. African honeymoon is beyond imagination a candlelit romantic dinner for two, served in total seclusion, right in the heart of the African wilderness. The night sound of Africa - a barking jackal could be a trumpeting elephant..


  • Governors' Camps
    Governors' Camps
    Governors' Camps in the Masai Mara Kenya are found in the iconic and world’s best known game reserve the Masai Mara National Game Reserve. The national park is famous for the vanishing kaleidoscope of richness of time - honoured traditional African customs with their preserved traditions and cultures its ethnic people. 
  • Fairmont Masai Mara Safari Club
    Fairmont Masai Mara Safari Club
    The Fairmont Mara Safari Club is a luxury Masai Mara resort hotel in Kenya. The luxury tented camp is enclosed on an oxbow by the breathtaking Mara River. The camp annexes the world’s Seventh “New” Wonder of the World – the Masai Mara - Fairmont Mara Safari Club is a symbol of tented luxury.
  • Olare Mara Kempinski
    Olare Mara Kempinski
    Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara is found in the Olare Orok Conservancy that borders the Masai Mara National Game Reserve. The sanctuary is home to plenty of animals such as the big cats for which the Masai Mara is famous. Experiencing the signature sound of the African night – the roaring of the king of the jungle or the trumpeting of the elephant may be even the laugher of the hyenas.
  • Richard’s Camp
    Richard’s Camp
    Experience Richard’s Camp the essence of an African dream located in the iconic Masai Mara Game Reserve is the world’s best known wildlife sanctuary and one of the most scenically beautiful and varied wilderness of the remarkable Serengeti Mara ecosystem. Richard's Camp is an intimate tented camp where you will experience Africa traditional hospitality set in bespoke luxury.
  • Cottar's 1920 Safari Camp
    Cottar's 1920 Safari Camp
    The Cottar Safari camp historical yet adventurous and can only be found in Kenya the original home of authentic African safari. Continuously has delivered unrivalled ultimate safari experience to discerning travellers. Offering luxury and quality set in the heart of African wilderness with professional guiding adventure and elegance.

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