Archaeological Safari

Travel to the remote northern frontier district of Kenya explore and experience this relatively undiscovered park –“Cradle of Mankind” a protected area created for site preservation of the many remarkable hominid fossils. In 1072 Dr. Leakey and his team discovered a fossilized skull 2 million years old. The almost complete skull was labeled skull 1470 by the national museum of Kenya. Also in Sibiloi, visitors can see the fossils of a 3 million –year old giant tortoise, an ancient species of crocodile and a behemoth dating back 1.5 million years.

Relatively undiscovered the universally recognized as the most likely site of the biblical Garden of Aden, Sibiloi National Park is full of fascinating archeological sites. The park is also home to other wild game that includes Zebra, grants gazelle, reticulated giraffe, leopard, stripped hyena and silver-backed jackal. The world’s largest population of the Nile crocodile breeds on Lake Turkana Central Island.  

Activities experienced here Game viewing, camping, archeological safaris and bird watching

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    Jade Sea True Nomads – exotic culture Journeys
    Lake Turkana is a truly off-the-beaten-track destination which can be reached by private charter. The region is home to exotic nomadic tribes and exceptional archaeological earth formations. Lake Turkana National Parks comprises three parks: Sibiloi and two islands (Central Island and Southern Island) on Lake Turkana are UNESCO World Heritage sites.


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