Lewa safari Camp

Lewa safari camp is set on the 45,000 acre privately owned Lewa wildlife Conservancy and is also known as Lewa Downs, which lies on the northern foothills of Mount Kenya. The camp is set on one of Kenya’s original ranches, Lewa Downs has been the Craig family home since 1924.

Now incorporated in the Lewa wildlife conservancy, which includes Anna Merz’ highly respected Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary, the area is committed to the conservation of wildlife and the diverse habitats found on these northern slopes of Mt. Kenya, as well as to benefit the local community by providing employment, schools and clinics.

A glimpse of Lewa safari Camp

  • 12 discreetly spaced permanent luxury tents and is each attractive and fascinating decorated en suite.
  • The camp's excellent chefs produce delicious, freshly cooked home fare, with emphasis on locally

Highlights of Lewa safari Camp

  • An unforgettable combination of spectacular scenery, hospitality, privacy and abundant wildlife
  •    Day and night game drives, on which guests are accompanied by experienced guides;   Guided walks;
  •    The camp has a swimming pool and pool house

Adventure and Pleasure of Lewa safari Camp

  • Horse riding & camel safaris;
  • Visits to an ancient Acheulian archaeological site;
  • Visits to Lewa's unique game blinds;
  • Excursions to a Maasai cultural boma on Il Ngwesi, the neighbouring community wildlife scheme that Lewa has helped to establish,
  • Educational lectures on the history, development and day to day operation of the conservancy
  • Flights to Rutundu, a beautiful montane tarn on Mount Kenya
  • Fishing trout where a beautifully rustic lodge provides accommodation

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