Lemarti's Camp

Lemarti's Camp is found in the most scenically beautiful semi-arid northern Kenya called Laikipia and is one of the last outpost of the scarcely discovered diverse African wilderness. The areas command views of the vast remote wild lands, impressive landscapes, nomadic pastoralist people and wildlife that coexist in harmony in these fragile ecosystems.

Laikipia stretches from the equator over Mt Kenya, to the edge of the Kenya’s East African Great Rift Valley at Lake Baringo.

A glimpse of Lemarti's Camp

  • Five luxury tents crafted for pure indulgence of this extraordinary patch of Africa.
  • Every tent is en-suite with hot water boiled over a log fire and brought to you.
  • Experience in the tranquility of a bush shower in the privacy of your tent
  • Linger in your own tin bath under the stars, taking in the fresh, open air while gentle lantern light dances around you.
  • Simple pleasure which is precisely the idea, tents express understated elegance through earthy colour, handmade furniture and soft textiles.
  • Perfect style that blends with the environs and complement to the essence African dream
  • View wild game from the open deck of your tent such as elephants stroll, watch monkeys play
  • Relax and soak up the tranquility as the gentle rhythm of this unveiled Africa right before you.

Highlights of Lemarti's Camp

  • Immerse yourself in the bush with an adventure to the nomadic fly camp
  • Dine under the African starry sky, allow the experience seep in relaxing mind, body and spirit.
  • View Africa through the eyes of its indigenous people and allow yourself be led on a truly unique unforgettable journey.
  • authentic cultural experience the unique “Rites of Passage” safari designed here an experience unparalleled in East Africa today

Adventure and Pleasure of Lemarti's Camp

  • Game viewing on guided walks, tracking big game on foot, ornithological treats, camel trekking
  • Belong to community of Koija, visit the women's groups, visit local homestead, harvest honey with the elders on the river banks and attend secret ceremonies in the area.
  • Walk into the wilderness with Samburu warriors armed only with their traditional weapons, their sharp senses and generations of knowledge.
  • Indigenous knowledge - gentle tribesmen show you their ways of life connect you with amazing wildlife and take you into a moment in time that is both authentic and out of this world.

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