Lewa Wilderness

Wilderness Trails lodge is one of Kenya's oldest private safari experiences and for forty years guests have been coming to this remarkable region to be part of an adventure like no other.

Sitting below Africa's second highest Mt.Kenya Lewa’s plains and valleys are full of some of the most endangered animals on the globe and the sanctuary is delighted to be part of their survival. Lewa Wilderness offers some of the most varied activities in the safari world. The greatly varying topography of Lewa Conservancy which runs from the mountain forest through the savannah and down to the semi desert provides guests with a unique chance to explore almost every type of terrain that Africa has to offer.

A glimpse of Lewa Wilderness

  • Nine exclusive rooms ensuite that accommodates up to  eighteen guests in either family cottages in the garden or private chalets on the hill looking towards the former northern frontier district. Lewa Wilderness has long been associated with the very best of family safaris.

Highlights of Lewa Wilderness

  • Table tennis, swimming, riding and all the safari activities means that there is always something for the younger visitors to do. The guides are all experienced in dealing with children of all ages and welcome the chance to share their wilderness with them.
  • Camel walking operation
  • Walking Wild - experience some of the spectacular nature close-up in the company of the indigenous guardians of this fine wilderness.
  • Game driving day and night – excellent game viewing the richness of game - all the main safari predators, the rare Grevy’s zebra and the threatened rhino can be viewed in abundance. Near the lodge is the good elephant numbers and at least weekly sightings of the illusive wild dogs.
  • Exploration- there is more to safari than the animals and at Lewa there is no better place to experience this than at the NgareNdare forest. Mountain streams, waterfalls, mountain foliage and bird life all make for a wonderful day out often taken with a picnic lunch.

Adventure and Pleasure of Lewa Wilderness

  • Walking Wild
    Based out of the Lewa Wilderness Trails lodge, Walking Wild is an opportunity to explore the remote valleys, hills and plains of the famous Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Hosting a maximum of eight this specialist safari unit is able to achieve feats that vehicles cannot and embodies everything that a genuine mobile safari should. It is low impact, traditional and packed full of adventure. The simplicity and chance to spend a few days walking the region with its natural guardians, the LaikipMasai, remains Walking Wild’s most popular asset. Its hidden strength lies in the fact it can unlock parts of the soul that a traditional safari cannot, simply because by its very nature no two walks can be the same.

  • Horse Riding
    With over forty horses in the stables we are well equipped to explore the wilderness.

  • Walking with Maasai

    The expert Maasai walking guides, who have lived here all their lives, explore Lewa with guests to really get up close to many of the wild neighbours. Guests can walk in the early morning or early evening before dark. For more in depth walking we suggest a few nights on Walking Wild. Both are ideal children’s safari.
    Fly the Wilds
    Those seeking the ultimate thrill have access to an open-cockpit biplane. Parked just a short drive from Wilderness Trails on a bush strip is the WACO YMF-5 which will always represent the true essence of aviation pleasure. Piloted by Will Craig the flight skims over the primary forests and flies down the gorges which are otherwise almost inaccessible. It gives a wonderful eagle’s eye view of the conservancy and something so much more intangible.

  • Community Development

    The conservancy is also engaged in community development projects

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