Experience the amazing Authentic African Culture

The northern frontier district of Kenya, vast dry lands, a land that is far from the maddening crowd, great for thinking and having a free mind.

Despite the harshness the land here is full of life – only there you can meet this ungulates such as reticulated giraffes, gerenuks, Grevy´s zebras and oryx living next to each other are this exotic tribes of Gabbra, Borana, El Molo, Turkana or Samburu. Our expedition takes you any of this remote places in the North –the Chalbi desert, Kalacha Oasis and Lake Turkana. Also you may climb Mt. Kulal and Mt. Lolokwi.

Enjoy this half day excursion you will fly by helicopter or private charter over the Kaisut & Chalbi deserts to Kargi, home of the Rendile people, for a rare opportunity to witness this very traditional group of Cushite people watering their camels and other livestock at a desert oasis. On occasions there can be up to 2,000 camels drinking at any one time. If the livestock are not in the area, we may visit one of their villages, an equally fascinating opportunity. Seeing how these proud, tribal pastoralists manage to survive in these extremely harsh conditions is an incredible experience. After leaving the Rendile, you will stop for a picnic breakfast at a remote scenic location before flying back to camp.

This optional activity should be requested at the time of reservation at an additional cost

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