Jade Sea True Nomads – exotic culture Journeys

Duration: 6 Days / From $ 4500

Lake Turkana is a truly off-the-beaten-track destination which can be reached by private charter or a long road safari.The region is home to exotic nomadic tribes and exceptional archaeological earth formations. Lake Turkana National Parks comprises three parks: Sibiloi and two islands (Central Island and Southern Island) on Lake Turkana are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The area is an important stopping point for migratory birds from the Northern hemisphere and home to large colonies for the Nile crocodile and hippopotamus. Lake Turkana is widely known as the Jade Sea, because of the remarkable, almost incandescent, colour of its waters. After a long journey through the sweltering deserts and lava flows of Northern Kenya, the sight of this vast body of bright turquoise water comes as an unearthly, ethereal vision. The Turkana live a semi-nomadic existence around the Lake. The country’s smallest tribe, the El Molo, live a hunter-gatherer existence on the shores, in villages of distinctive rounded reed huts.

Turkana has one of the longest living histories on earth, and recent fossil evidence unearthed at Koobi Fora has led to the Lake being referred to as ‘The Cradle of Mankind’. The site lies at the heart of the Sibiloi National Park, a place of stark beauty and prehistoric petrified forests. The park offers visitors some stunning scenery and excellent bird-watching opportunities with flamingos, pelicans and water birds.

Central Island National Park is difficult to reach and is in effect a small active volcano with three saline carter lakes known as Flamingo, Crocodile and Tilapia. It is believed to support the world’s largest population of Nile crocodiles along the shoreline, there are plains and grevy’s zebra, topi, oryx, reticulated giraffe, greater kudu and Grant’s gazelle. Wildlife - Reptiles/fish: estimated 12,000 crocodiles, saw-scaled viper, night and puff adder, cobra. Birdlife: Over 84 water-bird species and various birds of prey


Major attractions: Three crater lakes - Crocodile Lake, Flamingo Lake, and Tilapia Lake; Active volcano; venomous reptiles and pre-historic fish.
Activities - Crocodile hatching, viewing, camping.



Day 1: Nairobi-Marsabit Day 2: Marsabit-North Horr Day 3: North Horr- Sibiloi Day 4: Sibiloi-Loyangalani  Day 5: Loyangalani-Maralal Day 6: Maralal-Nairobi

Price Guide : from $4,500 Per person sharing
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