Laragai House

Laragai House sitting on the edge of a plateau, eight Kilometres from the Borana Lodge is Laragai. Originally built as a country retreat by Lords Valentine and Michael Cecil, Laragai offers unparalleled seclusion and comfort in a breathtaking setting.

The views from Laragai are exceptional - Lolokwe and Wamba Mountains dominate the far horizons to the north and Mount Kenya looms out of the clouds to the south and 3,000 feet below is Kenya’s Northern Frontier District.

A glimpse of Laragai House

  • Accommodation at the eight-bedroom exclusive house offers the ultimate in privacy and luxury.

Laragai House

  • Game drives (day & night): Night game drives - when most animals are active - are very popular, allowing guests an insight into the nocturnal life of the bush
  • Hugely experienced guides know the ranch intimately for game spotting
  • Guided bush walk is one of the most tranquil ways to go out and see wildlife, flora and fauna birds watching.
  • Big game viewing on foot is extremely satisfying and allows guests to stalk game in completely safety. Slower pace means that guests also have a chance to see smaller animals that they would miss or scare off if traveling at a faster speed.
  • Mountain biking offers guests an exciting and exhilarating way to view the bush and spectacular environment made to cycle through.
  • Off-road and silence abilities of top-of-the-range mountain bikes allow you to get very close to big game.
  • Back-up crews to deal with any punctures or maintenance problems along the way. All groups travel with an escort vehicle.

Adventure and Pleasure of Laragai House

  • Riding Safaris: exciting tour and view Africa’s wildlife and its spectacular scenery.
  • Short Riding safari pre breakfast ride for a quick hack and back for breakfast at the ranch
  • Longer ride, stopping in a secluded valley for a picnic breakfast under an olive tree with fresh fruit and bacon and eggs sizzling on an open fire.
  • Experienced riders, custom-tailored riding safaris lasting from one to four days offer the ultimate horseback experience.
  • Fly camping in one of the community owned lodge
  • Lake Rutundu cabins-ride and your spend nights on the slopes of Mount Kenya
  • All riders to the Borana stables need to be comfortable at a walk, trot and canter in an English saddle. This is because the occasion can arise when one has to flee an angry elephant or buffalo and our horses are fit and strong.
  • Non-riders are welcome at the Ngare Ndare stable.
  • Ranching Days - learn the challenge of ranching in these hostile conditions – elephants in the vegetable patch, lions in the cattlebomas, flood, drought, famine. Makes guests truly understand why Borana is the place where cattle sleep with one eye open!
  • Wing aircraft - A bird’s eye view of the landscape & equator straddled ice-capped peaks of Mt Kenya
  • Helicopters – A bird’s eye view of the majestic and ice-capped peaks of Mt Kenya
  • Mythological- visit or scale Mt. Kenya a sacred place of great natural beauty and home to Ngai God of the people of Central Kenya.
  • Walking on the slopes of the sacred Mt. Kenya
  • Fish - Lakes on slopes of Mt. Kenya.
  • Trek Mt Kenya for the more adventurous tackle the mountain on foot -A minimum of three to four days
  • Honey Moon on the slopes of Mt. Kenya where Prince William Proposed to Catherine
  • Family Experiences - great family holiday children enjoy and are happy that their holiday experiences match that of their parents.
  • Waterfall swim

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