Mount Kenya Walk – scale the heights

Duration: 6 Days / From $ 4500

MOUNT KENYA: 17,058'/5199m Main Summits: Batian – 5,200m Nelion – 5,188m Trekking Summit: Point Lenana – 4985m Location: Mount Kenya National Park

STRADDLING THE EQUATOR – sprawled across two hemisphere Mount Kenya the ‘twin-peaked' mountain is a remarkable extinct volcano dominating the landscape of the Kenyan Highlands. Reaching Batian the highest of the three peaks on Mount Kenya requires technical expertise, but the third highest peak of Point Lenana offers the finest six-day trek on the continent.

Trekking on the slopes of Mt.Kenya cloaked in forest, bamboo, scrub and moorlands that give way on the high peaks to rocks, ice, and snow.

The delightful experience is enhanced by the fact that there will be few other trekkers we must share the mountain with.

We start by walking the last five to eight Kilometers to acclimatize and overnight at the Chogoria bunkhouse close to the edge of the forest line. Embarking on our walking the Lake Ellis after breakfast, we follow the track as it leads up through glades of montane forest, with plenty of wildlife around, to our camp on the shores of Lake Ellis. Lake Michaelson our next stop after climbing away from Lake Ellis on its west side, across moorland up to a ridge which eventually joins the main Chogoria trail. We view Vivienne Falls and the Gorges Valley as we descend to the most picturesque site in the range the Lake Michaelson. Above our camp are the impressive cliffs of the ‘Temple’ where Exotic bird species such as the Tacazze sunbird, can be seen amongst the grotesquely giant plants – cabbage groundsel and lobelia. A most impressive campsite on the mountain with great landscape the Nithi gorge dropping nearly to 400m into Lake Michaelson.

On our fourth day on the beautiful slopes of Mount Kenya we ascend into the alpine zone – a land of rock debris gets us to Simba Tarn. Depart from Simba Tarn on day five via Point Lenana with an early start and a relatively easy two hour climb up to Point Lenana the trekking summit (4,985m). As dawn fly over the African continent we experience the most awesome view of the glinting peaks of Nelion and Batian in the morning sun. In the far distance on clear day it is possible to spot Mount Kilimanjaro summits 400kms across the Tanzania border. We descend down the pleasant Mackinder Valley in the shadow of summit of Batian. Descending off the mountain on the fourth day on the Chogoria route and drive back to the camp for two nights for a restful break



This trekking safari may be combined with beach holiday at the Indian Ocean coastal resort

Day 1 : Camp to Chogoria bandas  Day 2 : Chogoria bandas to Lake Ellis (altitude: 3400m)  Day 3 : Lake Ellis to Lake Michaelson (altitude e: 4000m)  Day 4 : Lake Michaelson to Simba Tarn (altitude: 4600m)  Day 5 : Simba Tarn via Point Lenana Mt. Kenya to Liki North (altitude: 4000m)  Day 6 : Liki North to Park gate and descending off the mountain and back to the camp

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